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Spring Seal Pipe Flashings (detail)

SRSC offer Spring Seal Pipe Flashings to suit a huge range of roof penetrations. Mechanical exhausts can be flashed using the same methods that are required to flash an electrical conduit, simply & effectively.

Made from one-piece EPDM rubber, our pipe flashings have an aluminium base surround which can be molded to suit almost any roof profile &/or material.
The variable base sizes & graduated cone afford potential to accommodate a vast array of sizes & shapes.

Spring Seal pipe flashings are designed to handle a pipe penetration temperature range from as low as -65 C to as hot as 250 C.

Spring Seal pipe flashings have a 20 year manufacturer guarantee.

The SRSC range of Spring Seal Flashings is listed below.
Part #      Weight       Aluminium Base      Pipe Range
RT-1         0.03kg        100/110mm              0-55mm
RT-2         0.10kg        152/167mm              3-100mm
RT-3         0.30kg        267/288mm              80-175mm
RT-4         0.70kg        381/419mm              150-315mm
RT-5         1.50kg        521/589mm              250-400mm
RT-6         2.10kg        634/712mm              365-550mm

  • Superior one piece design to prevent leaks
  • Innovative base design resists lifting in wind & easy installation with roof screws or rivets
  • 100% Leak-proof


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