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Spring Zip Pipe Flashing

SRSC offer Zip Seal Pipe Flashings to suit specialist needs when the standard SRSC Spring Seal Pipe Flashings cannot be used. Zip Seals are designed to be wrapped around the penetration rather than sliding down. They are mainly used where there is an object sitting at the head of the pipe to prevent access for the standard flashing (eg: platforms). Stainless steel clips are used to secure the pipe flashing after they have been placed around the roof penetration.

Zip Seal Pipe Flashings use a one-piece EPDM rubber with an aluminium base surround which can be molded to suit almost any roof profile &/or material.

Zip Seal pipe flashings are designed to handle a pipe penetration temperature range from as low as -65 C to as hot as 250 C.

Zip Seal pipe flashings have a 20 year manufacturer guarantee.

The SRSC range of Zip Seal Flashings is listed below.

Part #          Weight      Aluminium Base Diameter      Pipe Range
ZP RD S         0.15kg        160mm                                     20-70mm
ZP RD M         0.42kg        275mm                                    50-185mm
ZP RD L          0.70kg        370mm                                    85-255mm

  • Superior one piece design to prevent leaks
  • Innovative base design resists lifting in wind & easy installation with roof screws or rivets
  • 100% Leak-proof

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